Are you curious about Jesus Christ and want to learn more about Him? Looking for a place to pray in unity despite diversity? A place to worship in truth and spirit? A place to become more equipped in Word of God?

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Sunday Service

Join us at 10am for fellowship and worship.

See what God has planned for you.

  • Fellowship and Worship
  • Sermon Series: Principles for Family Excellence by Pastor
  • Testimonies, Prayer Requests and Praise Points

Location: Sanctuary in Red Lion Christian Academy

Address: 1390 Red Lion Rd, Bear, DE 19701

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Please come through the side door for direct entry to sanctuary.

God used Sam and Christie as an instrument to start the Monthly Delaware Telugu Christian Fellowship and to minister to Telugu people in Delaware.

After years in that ministry, Holy Spirit has given them a new vision and direction.

The vision is to reach out to unbelievers, equip believers and pray for both.

Both Sam and Christie waited on the Lord in every step in establishing this Church.

Based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, Grace Gospel Evangelical Fellowship (GGEF) was started in basement of their house in Delaware, depending on HIM to build it. With the encouragement and support from Glasgow Church Pastors and Elders, GGEF started the services at Glasgow Church and became Grace Gospel Church (GGC).

We used to meet in Middletown, Delaware at Alfred G. Waters Middle School.

We currently meet in main sanctuary of Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear, Delaware on Sundays at 10 AM.

Church Service begins on Sundays with fellowship at Red Lion Christian Academy in Bear, Delaware.

Typical Service Schedule:
  • Fellowship
  • Opening Prayer and Worship songs (3 English, 3 Telugu, Youth).
  • Short (~5 minute) Word of Wisdom Message by Bro. Jonathan.
  • Sermon by Pastor.
  • Communion every first Sunday, Testimonies, Praise Points, Prayer Requests and Closing Prayer.

Come, fellowship, and be blessed!
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