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Righteousness Series

New Year Service - 1/1/21
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New Year Service - 1/1/20
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7th Year Anniversary 2019
Sermon by Pas. Gidyon 2019

Supernatural Interference Series
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Sermon by Dr. Philip 2019
Sermon by Bro. Rokkala 2019

Kingdom Building Series
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God's Leaders Series: Elijah

New Year Service - 1/1/19
New Year Service - 12/31/18
God's Leaders Series: Solomon
Sermon by Bro. T. Stephen

Sermon by Rev. Kollabathula
God in Control Series
Sermon by Bro. Rokkala 2018
Effective Evangelism Series

God’s Vision for Us Series
Sermon by Bro. Jonathan 2018
Jesus - Lamb Series
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Giving by Bro. Moses 2018
Holy Spirit by Bro. Moses 2018
New Year Service - 1/1/18
New Year Service - 12/31/17

Exploring Jesus in OT Series
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Relationship with God Series

Family Conference 2017
TDPK Conference 2017
Sermon by Bro. Dinesh
Telugu Sermon by Sis. Esther

The Passion Story Series
Sermon by Bro. Sagar 2017
Jonah Series
Suprised by Christmas Series

In God, We Trust Sermon
James Series
Gospel and Culture Sermon
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Family Conference 2016
Life Apps Series
Sermon by Bro. Sagar 2016
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Before New Year - 2015
Discovering Jesus - Part 1
Discovering Jesus - Part 2

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