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Palm Sunday - 2015

For this year’s Palm Sunday, Pastor Sam Merigala explores on the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ on the road to Jerusalem.


Before Palm Sunday - 2015

Jesus – King of What Kingdom? (John 12:12-19) Sunday Service – to prepare our hearts for this year’s Palm Sunday.


Mother's Day 2014

Mother’s Love impact on the children is huge. Mother plays an important role in building the character of kids, Training the child with Love and through words in the Bible. In return children have to love and honor their parents.


Father's Day 2014

Fatherhood’s an incredible privilege, one we should thank God for every day, but which too easily we grow accustomed to and take for granted.

When we consider our Father’s sacrifice for us, any sacrifices we can make for our children are small. When you’re worn out, remember the people who can’t have children or who have lost a child, who long every day for the opportunity to be run ragged by these precious little inconveniences.

Parenthood is a calling, far more important than any vocation. Our children are an ongoing investment, a gift we leave to a world we won’t be part of, but which we will impact for eternity through the generations that follow us.

It will at times seem long and difficult, but when your children are grown you’ll look back in wonder at how quickly it went by.

Don’t let the time slip by. Don’t leave yourself full of regrets. At the end of their lives nobody says they wish they’d spent more time at the office or watching TV. But often they say they wish they’d been there for their kids.

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