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Battling Hearts, Winning Souls Series

God wants us to be people who have the heart of a conqueror. God has new land for you to take. God has new victories for you to win, places where you’ve known to defeat, places where you’ve not seen fruitfulness. God wants to take us from glory to glory to glory. He wants to work in us and through us and move us to the place that he has for us.

If you’re strong for God, it has an effect. If you’re weak, it has an effect. If you’re strong for God where you work, if you’re living for God with all of your heart, if you have the heart of a conqueror, God will use you to transform the lives of people. God will give you wisdom, God will open doors, God will knock down walls, God will take you into new territory.

Learn more in sermon videos:

Vol 1: Strength

Vol 2: Courage

Vol 3: Consecration

Vol 4: Brace for Victories

Vol 5: Spiritual Vision

Vol 6: Shout of Praise

Vol 7: Principle of First Fruits

Vol 8: Seeking God

Vol 9: Faith in Great Miracles

Vol 10: Following the Lord Wholeheartedly

Vol 11: Choose Whom You will Serve

Vol 12: Synopsis



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