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Putting on the Mind of Christ Series

What I will do today is to introduce briefly the topics I will be discussing in the coming weeks about Changing the way we think in our Life. Our thought life, our mind, we need to bring our thoughts under control to be in the right direction.

This Series will be built on 9 pillars.

1. My thoughts control my life but I can control my thoughts!
2. Any change I want in my life must start in my mind
3. I can change how I feel by changing how I think
4. Every behavior is based on a belief
5. Anytime I sin, at that moment I’m believing a lie!
6. An unseen war is going on in and for my mind
7. To win the battle in and for my mind, I must have God’s spirit and God’s word inside me
8. My goal is to learn to think like Jesus
9. Rethinking my life to match how Jesus thinks is called repenting

Watch sermons to learn more:

Vol 1: Changing the Way We Think

Vol 2: Thinking like Jesus

Vol 3: Overcoming Discouragement

GGC Service

GGC Service

Posted by Grace Gospel Church on Sunday, June 9, 2019

Vol 4: Overcoming Temptations

Vol 5: Bringing down Goliaths in your life

GGC Service

GGC Service

Posted by Grace Gospel Church on Sunday, July 28, 2019

Vol 6: Leadership



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